Pressures outside my gramophone business mean that I will not be maintaining the site properly until at least the beginning of August. The business is NOT ceasing, I just have no time at present to service existing demand for machines generated by the site and source even more. I am still very much in a buying mood, but with the weight of existing requests I am unlikely to be be adding much new stock to these pages in the immediate future...but I'll be back..!

No, the AK didn't grow up in the last month, this is a different
Columbia front-mount, in this case an AH. Again, with original
metalwork and minimal faults. See it on the 'Gramophones for
Sale' page with many more detail images.

If you are looking to buy or sell a genuine gramophone or phonograph then you have come to the right place!  I have been collecting them since 1972 and trading for only a little less time; forty years of knowledge and experience. Over this period I have handled just about everything that the subject covers from humble portables to 'tinfoil' Edisons from the beginning of recorded sound history.

If you are becoming interested in the subject of early machines and records, you might like to join a club or society dedicated to their study. Groups exist all over the world, and links to a number of them may be found on a page here.

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