If you are looking to buy or sell a vintage gramophone or phonograph then you have come to the right place! I have been specialising in these machines for forty years and have handled just about everything the hobby has to offer, from humble portables to 'tinfoil' phonographs from the dawn of recorded sound history. This month...


For a model 'Nipper' to be in the correct proportion 
to a 'Trade Mark' gramophone, it should be 20" tall.
The popular modern resin reproductions are almost
always 14" tall, making them look far too small when
placed in front of a machine. This 1920's Victor dog 
in papier-mache is the 'correct' 20" size. His body 
appears to be in its original paint, albeit crazed with 
age. The eyes, ears and collar have been touched up.  
For sale on the 'Gramophones for Sale' page.


This HMV Junior Monarch looks good, but the horn
is a very good copy (I was assured by a Dutch dealer
at the NVCF that it was an original, it's that well made!). 
Now sold.

Little new is appearing on these pages at the moment as I am selling just about everything that I can get hold of before I need to advertise it. As a result I am always short of stock and will consider anything you might have for sale but PLEASE NO CABINET GRAMOPHONES unless they are made by HMV or manufactured in a novelty cabinet shape such as a grand piano or in circular or oval form. If you send me such an offer I may not reply as I simply don't have the time to repeat myself.

If you are becoming interested in the subject of early machines and records, you might like to join a club or society dedicated to their study. Groups exist all over the world, and links to a number of them may be found on a page here.


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