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In Great Britain, the City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society is the oldest such society in the world and has been in continuous existence since 1919.

Founded after the First World War, it was an amalgamation of the smaller societies that had existed before 1914 whose members had been decimated in the conflict.

Its initial membership were 'Edisonites' who championed the inventor's products over those of others. Edison understandably turned them down on their proposed name of 'The London Edison Society' but agreed to be their patron under a revised title.

Today the society numbers around 800 members worldwide and publishes a quarterly magazine 'For the Record'.

Details of the Society, its aims, activities and membership details may be seen at their website;


The Michigan Antique Phonograph Society and the California Antique Phonograph Society joined forces in 2013 to form a new and very fine Society indeed. They publish a magazine 'The Antique Phonograph' that is surely the best publication of its kind in the world. 

As of late 2016, the American Society has placed 10,000 (you read that right, ten thousand) pages of phonographic archives at the disposition of their membership. Admittedly, this is largely of American intrest, but as both Edison and Columbia products are found worldwide the cost of joining seems justified by that access alone.





In Canada we find The Canadian Antique Phonograph Society. This is a very active organisation with the website 


In Australia, The Gramophone Society of New South Wales has been in existence for many years. They have their own journal; The Sound Record. 

You may write to; 414/6a Birtley Place, Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011




New Zealand has a thriving society. Despite the smallness of the territory a huge amount of gramophones and phonographs were shipped there in the Golden Era from 1900 to 1930. 

Membership is NZ$20 per annum and includes a subscription to their journal 'The Phonographic Record'

You may write to; Shirley McGuigan, PO Box 19 839, Woolston, Christchurch 8241 New Zealand


There is no website as yet.


In Germany, Volkmar Hesse runs his own very successful gramophone and swing-dance club in the Dormangen area of West Central Germany not far from Cologne. Find out more at

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