Packing & Shipping


Almost every week I send a machine somewhere in the world... so getting anything shipped anywhere is really no problem.

Light; (up to 10kgs)

Obviously light items can be posted (but see the provisos on sending wax cylinders anywhere in the section on ‘records’). The fact that I am a one-man operation means that sometimes you may have to wait a few days before I have the correct materials to hand and time to do a considered job. Packing uses new double-wall boxes with a combination of bubble-wrap and foam loosefill (‘chips’ or ‘peanuts’ to you).

Middling; (10 to 30 kgs)

I am currently using UPS to Europe, for which a parcel up to 30kgs can be sent for around £20.00.

I am also using UPS as my preferred carrier to the U.S.A and further afield. However there are weight and dimensional limits on what they will accept for transport.

Heavyweight; (no limit!)

For heavy exports I use All Freight Packing at Heathrow Airport to pack. They have received compliments from receiving customers on the quality of their reasonably-priced work. Crates are then driven over to your preferred shipper or I can arrange one for you.

Notes on receiving goods abroad;

It is very often the case that the trucking-service from the receiving airport to the customer’s home or office is disproportionately high. As customer you have every right to collect your own goods from an airport or arrange your own collection, so I generally give two quotations; one simply ‘to the airport’ and another ‘all the way to your door’. The difference can be eye-watering!

Please remember that you are responsible for any duties or charges that may be applied to importations in your name.


American citizens; you may or may not be aware that anything of provably American manufacture re-entering the ‘States goes duty-free. The same goes for anything certified as over one hundred years old. If either fact is true I always make it clear to Customs in the paperwork and have never had a dispute with the U.S authorities at any invoice value level. (The same applies to postal imports).

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