I am happy to receive cheques and bankers’ drafts in payment for goods.

I regret that I cannot accept credit cards directly. However, if you wish to apply a purchase to your credit-card you can use the PayPal service run by the organisation behind Ebay. This is very safe and secure, but you need to be registered with them at for which there is no charge. Use of the PayPal system is free to senders but costs the recipient (me!) around 3.5% of the sum transferred. I may ask you to make this up to me. However, depending on the sum involved this percentage may well be less than the charges made by banks for international transfers.

For PayPal payments please use my email address

For the transfer of large sums my banking details are;

Account: Howard Hope Gramophones and Phonographs

Account number; 38383144

Bank address: National Westminster Bank, 10, Victoria Road, Surbiton, Surrey, UK

Bank Sorting Code, (Branch Identification code), 60-21-05

IBAN; GB08NWBK60210538383144


Following many well-publicised problems with their organisation I will not consider payments made through Western Union.

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