Proud to Have Sold

I hate to say goodbye too quickly... Unusual and interesting machines always sell almost immediately and I like to show the quality of stock that the site has offered.

A Columbia BC 'Loudspeaking Graphophone' with its 
Higham-designed friction amplifier in as-new condition.

DG Style 7

A D.G. (German HMV) Style number 7, a large variation 
on the English Style DeLuxe


A 1908 'Baby' Monarch, (an imported American Victor1 
sold in England to fill the niche for an inxpensive 
Gramophone Company machine) in an original accessory 
carrying-case. The horn has been removed to show the 
fitted interior, complete with compartment for 10" records.
I have never before seen this model in one of these cases.


Very very few of these Edison-Bell vended coinoperated
Standards were built, and I have only ever owned two and 
seen precious few other examples. This one even bore its
original printed card user information on the backboard.

+nicole gramophone 017

A rare sighting; A Nicole 'Standard' from 1904/5 with
distinct 'piratings' from both Columbia and Zonophone
(whose horn it actually is!).


Quality personified; An HMV 101 de-luxe in real leather
(as opposed to rexine cloth masquerading as leather!)


From Hastings (in this case) With Love:   A Perophone 
'Boudoir' (although I doubt you'd want one in yours! 
After all that cabinetwork, the horn is a simple straight
-sided box of oak panels; What a massive investment in 
quality furniture in return for little or no acoustic pleasure!

Picturegram storing

Did I say 'too quickly..?!' This extremely rare Edison Bell Picturegram lasted just two days on the site!


How this giant Klingsor ever found a new home in Leeds is a mystery, but it bore a Leeds dealership tag, so somebody there must have loved it!



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