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Clock1 I rarely have enough time to reply to all the e-mails that I am sent...

You are very welcome to contact me about anything gramophone-related but please remember that there is just the one of me! I receive more correspondence than I can handle, much of which is of the free-advice-and-information variety. I try to answer it all, but often prioritising means that I just can’t 'get back' about everything.

I actually prefer to answer queries by 'phone than to be forever typing email. 


I now only have a mobile number 07713 901995 I no longer have a landline Leave a message if necessary and I will get back to you. If you mail me- with a picture for instance- a return phone-number would be helpful if you don’t mind.

If you are uncertain of how to describe what you have (or what to call what you are looking for) look at my Types of Machine page. This gives a basic run-down of what the categories of vintage gramophone and phonograph are called and gives you an idea of their relative desirability. It will help us understand each other when you call me.

If calling from abroad, please respect the time differences between our countries. Britain is five hours ahead of the East Coast USA and eight hours ahead of the West Coast. It is generally one hour behind Europe and eight hours behind Japan.


If you have something that you know you wish to sell the very best approach is to send me a digital picture or two to  A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. The clearer the pictures the better I can appraise the machine. If you just want to send me a quick note without pictures, there is a correspondence-box bottom left on this page.

For 'snail mail' my postal address is;  

8, Pine Walk, Great Bookham, Surrey, KT23 4AS

Gramophones and phonographs are generally pretty heavy things and I spend a good deal of time driving around the country to visit potential stock and collect items I have already agreed to buy. Travelling is expensive, and there are many items which for one reason or another sadly just don’t merit the time and effort involved in dealing with at long distance. I am always happy to admit this when I speak to you and can often suggest another contact closer to you or another method of disposal.


On parle Francais! Vous pouvez me telephoner sans probleme!


I regularly receive requests for valuations from U.S. citizens. Although I have a good working knowledge of the collecting scene in America I am not the right person to ask when there are dozens of good American specialist dealers and enthusiasts on the web. This site is linked to the Phonograph Webring (link below) to which many respected American specialists are subscribed. I recommend you to find one who can help you.


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