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Commercial Media Hire

I regularly loan items for film, television and theatrical productions. Whether you have watched Chariots of Fire, Greystoke, The Importance of Being Ernest or Harry Potter you have seen a gramophone from my stable. There are four machines in Madonna's new film 'WE' if you care to look for them! I am listed in 'The Knowledge' (the media resources bible) under ‘Weird and Wonderful’(!)

I am happy to advise professional property buyers on the suitability of a machine to a period or context.

Wedding Hire Package


Wedding repro My original hire machine

This pretty machine was badly damaged last year by the drunken guests at a wedding party hosted by the fragrant Ailise Rohr who then scarpered off to Bali with her new beau and never paid for the damage despite promising to do so. Her name is here purely to help it show up on any internet search for this dishonourable woman with an unfortunately distinctive name.

So many people have asked me about gramophone hire for their wedding day that I have come up with a hire package for these events. You can borrow  the very-good reproduction machine shown below together with a selection of suitable dance or jazz 78's and a good supply of needles for £60 including VAT. You have to collect and deliver the machine and agree to insure it (or simply accept responsibility for it) for £200 in case of loss or theft.

Wedding Hire 2 The hire machine.

red_siren   Please note...(before I am asked again!)...these machines play only '78' speed shellac records made up to 1958. They can not play (or be modified to play) vinyls, LP's, 33's, 45's call them what you will.  It just can't be done!

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